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"Ya'll are the coolest salon around!"
         Lisa & Christy

Tanning Twins

Super Clean

Hot Beds

Awesome Atmosphere

Gift Certificates

Red Light Therapy Beds

Great Music

Instant Results

Best Prices

Bronze Beds

Knowledgeable Staff

Stand-up Units

Top of Line Lamps

"Smart Tan" Certified

Huge Selection

Tanning Memberships 

Super Beds

Discount Tanning Packages

Name Brand Products


No Expiration

Great Prices

Turbo Beds

Spray Tanning

Cold Drinks

Discount Tanning Memberships

Fantastic Beds


Strong Body Fans

Guaranteed Color

Extreme Facials

Convenient Locations

Awesome Hours


Nail Savers

Loyal Customer Program

Cheap Tanning Deals


Courtesy Counters

Certified Spray Techs

Top of the Line Lamps

1400 sq ft Salons

Great Lobbies

Friendly Staff

Low Prices

4 Different Bed Levels

VIP Membership

Specials Discounts

State of the Art Equipment

UV Teeth Whitener System

Tanning Specials

Maui Beach Tanning Salon Super Bed

   Our Services Include:

  • Traditional UV Exposure Equipment
  • Red Light Therapy Beds
  • Lay Down and Stand-Up Units
  • Customized UV-Free Spray Tanning
  • VIP Tanning Memberships
  • Monthly Memberships
  • Tanning Packages
  • Public Service Discounts
  • Student Discounts
  • Skincare Lotions and Moisturizers
Why Maui Beach Tanning Salons? 

"Smart Tan" Certified
Guaranteed Results, Clean and Sanitized Facility, Economical Prices

Marietta.West Cobb.Dallas

We only use premium, name brand lamps in our equipment.

Our Staff is required to be "Smart Tan" Certified. Resulting in safe and conscientious tanning practices.

No Daily Maintenance Fees.

All Maui Beach locations are cleaned and sanitized, consistently, to company standards.

Convenient locations and accessible hours. 

Maui Beach Tanning Salons have "The Best Prices in Town" coupled with the best results.

Nude Tan Girl



We supply all necessary tanning equipment for your convenience. The beds, eye wear, and towels are all sanitized based on FDA standards.

Designer Skin Tanning Lotion

Maui Beach Tanning Salon prides itself on carrying the best lotions, moisturizers, and indoor tanning products available to the tanning industry.

Indoor and outdoor tanning takes moisture from the skin causing that dry and cracked feeling. Using tanning lotions and moisturizers will keep moisture in the skin, enhance, and prolong your tan.

Do you know the 3 major components to optimum Tanning?

  1. Salon Voltage Output
    It doesn't matter what type of lamps/bulbs a Tanning Salon uses if their electrical voltage output is subpar. The higher the voltage to 240 without going over, the better tanning results. All of our locations meter between 238-240 volts
  2. Lamp Manufacturing
    There are hundreds of varieties of lamps/bulbs in the tanning industry today. Just like cars, you can purchase
    low-end economical lamps/bulbs or high-quality luxurious lamps/bulbs. Maui Beach Tanning Salons will not cut corners when it comes to quality/customer satisfaction. Does your tanning salon? Are you getting color?
  3. Equipment Maintenance
    Well maintained equipment lasts longer and performs better. We change our lamps/bulbs like clockwork. Our acrylics are changed if they are cloudy, cracked, or badly scratched (subpart acrylics can account for a 30-40% loss of tanning result capability).

Don't just take our word for it, ask around.

Accurately informed individuals will give you the same information. Come by any of our locations and talk to our clients. They undeniably will tell you, Maui Beach consistently changes their lamps/bulbs and maintains their equipment.

UV Free Spray Tanned Girl
Sexy Tanned Woman

 Guaranteed to Get Color

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