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Name: Layla Cortez
Date: 01/09/2015
Message: What I really like is how this tanning salon, always states factual information when asked. They tell you what the facts are and that's it! Better yet, they point you in a direction to find out the information for yourself and let you decide what is facts vs myths. Way 2 B!!!! La Cort

Name: JT
Date: 08/14/2014
Message: PRO - fessional!!!!! Luv Ya! JT

Name: Jacob Miller
Date: 07/02/2014
Message: Very friendly and welcoming Staff.

Name: Malissa T
Date: 01/10/2014
Message: I use to tan at Paradise Beach until they went out of business, so I decided to try Maui Beach Tanning salon and all I can say is WOW! What a difference in the results! Sometimes things happen for a reason, I just didn't know what I was missing. GREAT JOB MBTS!!!!

Name: Mr. Tan
Date: 10/02/2013
Message: Love the Website! Very Informational.

Name: Mike K.
Date: 09/05/2013
Message: I wanted to compliment your staff. They are always very helpful.

Name: Tonia
Date: 08/19/2013
Message: Your lamps give the best color! Very clean and professional staff. Thanks Maui Beach

Name: Megan
Date: 04/27/2013
Message: Best tanning bed I've ever been to. Maui is so informative and friendly. After a few visits, when you walk through the door, they already know your name. Its so professional and they really care about your skin. I would recommend it to anyone.

Name: Michelle Cantrel
Date: 01/09/2013
Message: I simply received a great tan and service!

Name: Vonda Decker
Date: 07/10/2012
Message: I have visited and had membership packages at Maui Tanning several times. I also have purchased the "red light" therapy. I think any women over the age of fifty should try the "red light therapy". Professional people friendly staff.